Prowler 500 Cab Enclosures | Heaters

Whatever you do, do NOT wait for the last minute before you start gearing up for Jack Frostís temper tantrums. We donít know about you but when we are hopping in our rig, we want reprieve from the elements. Especially when you spend most of your day working the farm. To get outfitted for winter, Side By Side Stuff has dedicated an entire category to Prowler 500 Cab Enclosures and heaters.

UTV cab enclosures are an excellent investment and come with several benefits. To name a few, you get security from the elements while getting wear and tear prevention. Whatís even better are the options. You can go fully enclosed with an Arctic Cat windshield, doors, top, and rear panel or stick with doors and a rear panel. Talk about taking control of your winter ride. You can even invest in a Prowler 500 cab heater to really warm up the situation.

Thanks to Side By Side Stuff, you no longer have to put up with Jack Frostís non-sense while your in the comfort of your cab. Stay warm, dry, and cozy simply by shopping for Prowler 500 parts and accessories on our user-friendly online store.

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