Arctic Cat Prowler Pro Windshields

When it comes to farm-tough Arctic Cat parts and accessories, you won't find much better than our online arsenal. Side By Side Stuff has some of the newest kits and systems from the best in the biz. The same rings true for these Prowler Pro windshields, roofs, and body accessories.

In this category, you'll find offroad polycarbonate windshields, hard tops, Aqua-View rear panels, and much more. All to provide you with the comfort you want and the protection you need. You'll find durability and function to be precisely what you demand. There's everything from UTV windshields with ventilation systems, a manual wiper kit to offer clear visibility, even a Prowler Pro windshield light to illuminate the situation when duty calls.

Right here, we've got everything you need to outfit your buggy, just the way you want it. Shop Prowler Pro mirrors, cab enclosures and heaters, we've even got winches and hitches.