Square Bar Arctic Cat Prowler Windshield

Country living comes with outdoor blunders. Bugs, dust, weather, and wind will wreak havoc while you work. No worries, though, friends. Side By Side Stuff is here to help with Prowler windshields, roofs, and body accessories. You get quality protection from the elements and more comfort for your ride.

In the Powersports world, itís all about durability and function. The UTV windshields youíll find here are made with cutting-edge technology from nearly indestructible materials. Even the Prowler soft tops and rear panels are designed with high-grade components like marine-grade fabric and Aqua-View vinyl. These aftermarket accessories will optimize your comfort level by reducing environmental conditions and will keep your cab cleaner.

There are a million reasons why you got your rig. To be miserable on the ride isnít one of them. So, gear up with quality Prowler parts and accessories the elevate your offroad experience. If you like giveaways and sales be sure to sign up for the Side By Side Stuff newsletter.