60" Plow System for Textron Stampede

Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Denali 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System - Textron Stampede
Item # MA11764
Brand: Denali
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Product Description

- Must have a winch to use plow system.

Applicability: 2018-19 Textron Stampede / Stampede X / Stampede 4 / Stampede 4X

If you're from up north or the Midwest, you know about the woes that come in the winter. The season is about the most inconvenient time of the year. Snow covers those country roads and driveways, making it impossible to get out of your home or, even worse, tend to the livestock. That's why Side By Side Stuff recommends anyone with a buggy to get geared up with a Stampede 60 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System by Denali. These UTV attachments productively move snow, so you get to carry on with your day to day lists.

This is one of the smaller aftermarket snowplows available, but it's equally as rigid as the largest. It's ideal for those who have small country roads, driveways, or even make your property more accessible to travel on. The side by side snow plow blade features steel construction with adequate stabilizer bars and ribs to offer necessary support to the rest of your rig. You can also count on the adjustability being your favorite characteristic. Denali designed the Textron snowplow system with both adjustable skid feet and an impact-resistant pivot assembly. You won't find a more versatile Stampede accessory than this. Get yours today by shopping Textron parts and accessories at SideBySideStuff.com.

Blade Specifications:
  • 19" scoop
  • 11 gauge steel leading horizontal supports
  • Four 7 gauge ribs run the full length of the blade
  • Three additional 7 gauge horizontal stabilizers support the deepest point of the blade
  • 65 degree attack angle and over center design ensures snow rolls up and is thrown forward
  • Replaceable 7 gauge, grade 50 steel wear bar
  • Height and angle adjustable skid feet included
  • Center mounted plow disperses force of impact to the sturdiest part of the UTV, preventing damage from sudden impact
  • 3 year warranty

Push Tube Specifications:
  • Impact resistant reinforced pivot assembly
  • Turn system allows for easy blade positioning in different angles to the left or right - 0 degrees, 12.5 degrees and 25 degrees
  • Simple detachment systems with the pull of a pin
  • Structural tube steel cross bar for added lateral rigidity

Plow Mount Specifications:
  • Front mount
  • 100% laser cut 1/4 inch steel
  • Slotted holes allow blade to hug the ground

Optional Rubber Flap Upgrade Specifications:
  • Stiff rubber flap
  • Metal hold down bar
  • Installation hardware

Optional Hydroturn Specifications:
  • Parker hydraulics system with built in relief valve overload protection
  • Hydraulic system is completely sealed for life
  • Full radius turn in just 5 seconds while driving
  • Heavy duty chrome plated 3/4 inch cylinder shafts
  • Two bolt installation of hydraulic cylinder and pump
  • No modifications necessary
  • Wire harness utilizes weatherproof connectors
  • Backwards compatible with manual turning system
  • Overload protection of 4,000 lbs. of extension force and 3,500 lbs. of retraction force
  • Includes 3 year warranty

Optional Push Tube Length:
Choose the push tube length that you need to fit your needs. If you have tracks, then choose the extended push tube to get the snow plow further out, giving you more room for the tracks to work without interference.

Optional Plow Markers:
Snow getting high or need to plow close to vehicles or other items? Get the snow plow markers so you can see exactly where the edge of your blade is, letting you have the most control.

Optional Plow Pulley Fairlead Kit:
The Plow Pulley Fairlead Kit is designed specifically to resist wear from the steep angle that occurs between the fairlead and the plow, extending the life of your winch cable. It can be used with either a steel or synthetic cable and is constructed of black powder coated 7 gauge steel. There are two roller heights for different fairlead heights and angles and you'll receive hardware and instructions.
  • Standard spool pattern: 3" x 4-7/8"
  • Wide spool pattern: 3" x 6.67"

Optional Box Ends:
If you want to keep the snow from rolling out the sides of your Denali snow plow, get the box ends right here. These are 1/4" thick steel and include height and angle adjustable skid foot brackets. All the necessary installation instructions and hardware are included also.

Optional Additional Wearbar:
If you want to keep the edges of your snow plow in top shape the Denali Polyurethane Wearbar is the choice for you. Not only is the wearbar reversible for longer use, but the polyurethane construction outlasts rubber and steel. The wearbar won't cause damage to brick, concrete, curbs and more! The wearbar is the perfect choice to increase productivity and reduce equipment wear.

Optional Pushtube Lift Kits:
When your UTV has those monster tires or that beastly lift kit on it, using a snow plow in the winter can be a pain. Finding a solution that solves the problem of your pushtube matching the height of your machine can mean complete removal of your tires or lift. With the Denali Pushtube Lift Kit installed, you can keep your tires and lift kit on, while giving Jack Frost the boot! This Pushtube Lift Kit bolts directly to your existing Denali UTV Pushtube giving an easy install, the 2 inch lift will give you 13-15 inches off the ground, and the 4 inch will give you 15-17, all while meeting your snow plow needs!

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