Falcon Ridge Hard Rear Windshield - Textron Wildcat Trail | Sport

Falcon Ridge Hard Rear Windshield - Textron Wildcat Trail | Sport
Falcon Ridge Hard Rear Windshield - Textron Wildcat Trail | Sport
Brand: Falcon Ridge
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Product Description

Applicability: 2018-19 Textron Wildcat Trail and Wildcat Sport

Dust rollback will ruin your ride so quick you won't know up from down. Literally, it'll cloud your cabin, reducing visibility and leaving you hacking on dirt particles. Sound fun? Yeah, we don't think so either. It's one of the many reasons we have one heck of a collection of Textron windshields, roofs, and body accessories. Being comfortable and preserving is a big deal when it comes to living the offroad lifestyle. So, suppose you recently mounted up a front UTV windshield. In that case, this is why you're experiencing this low-pressure suction that acts like a particle magnet through the rear of the cab. An easy fix is the Wildcat Trail Hard Rear Windshield by Falcon Ridge.

This heavy-duty side-by-side rear windshield is built from a hella durable material called non-coated polycarbonate. It's grit-tough with bulletproof attributes, perfect for ripping and shredding through the tough stuff. The sleek aesthetic complements the machine's natural build. It effortlessly clamps to the rear roll cage using innovative thrumb screw knobs. Those low-profile clamps allow you to remove and reinstall the aftermarket rear windshield on the fly, taking only minutes. Once you factor in the integrated ventilation system, there's no question this Wildcat Sport rear windshield takes the cake when it comes to price, durability, and function. What are you waiting for? Order up.

  • Sleek look and design
  • Constructed from 1/4" tough polycarbonate
  • Easy installation
  • Includes instructions and hardware

PLEASE READ: Upon receipt of your rear windshield and prior to removing the protective film
  • Inspect for any damages, including scratches protruding through the protective film
  • Ensure product satisfaction
  • Confirm correct fitment
Once protective film is removed, the windshield is no longer returnable or refundable.

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