High Lifter Outlaw Clutch Kit - 2012-20 Polaris RZR 570

High Lifter Outlaw Clutch Kit - 2012-20 Polaris RZR 570
High Lifter Outlaw Clutch Kit - 2012-20 Polaris RZR 570
Brand: High Lifter
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Product Description

Applicability: 2012-20 Polaris RZR 570

Would you like to get more power out of your Polaris RZR 570? Want to have the ability to take your UTV pretty much everywhere? Those visible upgrades are great for helping make this possible and a favorite of everybody's is the huge tires. Nothing can help make your machine look more aggressive better than larger tires and a mean looking lift kit. But what about those unseen, yet extremely important upgrades that you can't see? That's right, we offer those upgrades as well, including the High Lifter Outlaw Clutch Kit for your RZR 570.

If you are looking for a crisper throttle response and/or a quicker backshift, we can help you. This clutch kit can definitely make all the difference in making up for the power loss and slow response that you might experience with over-sized tires. It is also constructed to advance your low and mid-range acceleration in sticky situations. By accessorizing your machine with this clutch kit, you will avoid belt slippage, over-heating, and wear and tear. Bet you didn't think about all those side effects off having larger tires did you? No problem, that's why we are here, to help think of those things for you.

  • Up to 28" tires only
  • Up to 3,000 ft. elevation only
  • A minimum of stock motor/exhaust required
  • Makes better use of available low-end torque
  • Improves shift characteristics
  • Makes up for power loss and slow response time by larger tires
  • Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
  • Reduce belt slippage, overheating and wear

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