Windshields & Roofs for Kawasaki Mule 3000 & 3010

We know you love your Kawasaki. Itís always there for you, whether itís for work or play. Show your buggy a little love with Mule 3010 windshields and roofs that will enhance its look and give you added protection. There are several UTV parts available to do just that.

With offroad roofs from, you can outfit your ride with all of the top brands in the industry. We carry brands like Extreme Metal Products and Gotcha Covered. If you need a rough and tough roof, an EMP hard top will give you the coverage you want. As for Mule 3000 windshields, youíll have your pick from various styles like full, half, and flip up Kawasaki windshields.

With UTV windshields and roofs from, you can be sure that your ride is well taken care of and will withstand whatever conditions come your way. Shop for side by side roofs, Kawasaki Mule windshields and other accessories today!