Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT

Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet ECE | DOT
Item # 3992-000
Brand: Klim
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Optional Helmet Bag:
Optional Helmet Particle Separator:
Optional Strap Kit for Helmet Particle Separator:
Optional Hose Hanger Kit for Helmet Particle Separator:

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Product Description

With endless terrains to be traveled and countless challenges to conquer, ensuring that you have the proper equipment to punch the petal to the floorboard when the time comes is key. Luckily for you, Side By Side Stuff offers numerous UTV parts and accessories, along with a wide selection of rider apparel and gear to help you prepare! One of the amazing products we have to offer you is the Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet. This astonishingly durable helmet offers unmatched protection, long lasting comfort and a unique style you're sure to love.

The reliable carbon fiber shell is extremely durable, yet lightweight, offering both top-notch comfort and extreme protection. Also featuring 18 intakes that are designed to take in air at high speeds and 8 exhaust vents that release heat when at lower speeds or completely stopped for clean, fresh air at all times. A moisture wicking drylex comfort liner absorbs moisture without leaving that nasty, damp feeling. Enjoy these features and many more when you order the Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet.

  • Durable carbon fiber shell designed for maximum strength while remaining lightweight
  • Hybrid impact protection combines multiple energy absorption technologies
  • Koroyd technology
  • MIPS technology
  • Dual density EPS
  • Extra large eye port for maximum field of vision
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Fid-Lock strap closures make helmet extremely easy to take on and off
  • 18 intakes and 8 exhaust vents
  • Direct vent EPS design
  • Designed to intake air at high speeds and exhaust heat while at low speeds or completely stopped
  • Neck brace compatible
  • Made with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial materials
  • Moisture wicking drylex comfort liner
  • Includes helmet bag, breath box and windstopper liner
  • Extra peak visor and hardware included

Optional Helmet Bag Features:
  • Constructed with tough nylon materials
  • Utilizes a soft fleece-lined interior
  • Includes carry handles and an embroidered Klim logo on each side
  • Protects helmet investment from damage during transportation

Optional Helmet Particle Separator:
Any UTV enthusiast knows that when it comes to finding the perfect helmet, you're going to want the perfect set up. The Helmet Particle Separator from S&B Filters ensures that perfect set up with fresh, clean air. This helmet particle separator allows you to have clean air without the use of a filter, and the separator removes up to 99.36% of dust and debris from the air. With a sleek design to ensure less bulkiness and the variable speed controller, you'll be able to save space and control how much air is too much, giving you truly a perfect set up!

Optional Strap Kit:
When it comes to your mounting Helmet Particle Separator, S&B has got you covered with the Strap Kit. This durable strap kit holds your particle separator in place and securely with the unique design. The versatility this strap kit offers is great, allowing to select what length you really need. Also it includes the ability to chose from several different bar size options, this strap kit is a must!

Optional Hose Hanger Kit:
So you're done riding for the day or maybe the season, no matter what the reason you're pausing from going full throttle in your machine is, one thing is for certain you're going to want your machine left in top condition! That means when it's time to take off the helmet, you're going to need something to make sure your Helmet Particle Separator's hose stays clean from filling with dust and debris when not in use. Thanks to the team over at S&B, the hose hanger is a perfect solution, with not only a stow design that allows you to plug your helmet hose, but also hang it up when not in use!

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