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Kubota RTV X900 and X1120 Cab Enclosures

We all know you didn't invest in this particular car because you plan on parking during the winter. But, in fact, this machine has to work just as hard during the cold months as it does in the winter. Thus our advice is to outfit your buggy in RTV X900 and X1200 Cab Enclosures and Heaters. These innovative off-road accessories allow year-round use without freezing to death in the process.

First, you need to wrap that rig to get a reprieve from the elements. Side By Side Stuff has tons of these UTV accessories that fit every riding style, from Kubota hinged doors by Seizmik to full soft doors from Falcon Ridge. In addition, you'll find combo kits that include doors, windshields, tops, or rear panels. So, suppose you've already invested in a front RTV X1120 windshield. In that case, the Falcon Ridge rear window, doors, and the top is the perfect option. However, if you're working with a bare buggy, the GCL full enclosure with a Lexan windshield would be the better choice.

Each of these side-by-side soft enclosures and enclosure pieces is extremely durable. Most consist of hand-crafted construction from heavy-duty marine-grade textiles that won't tear or puncture. Additionally, the fabrics are mildew-resistant, thanks to the water repellent material. Each is unique in design dynamics yet equally reliable for trekking through the tough stuff.

Once you've picked the right Kubota enclosure for you, it's time to choose an RTV X900 heating system. These kits range in universal, model-specific design and installation processes. For example, the RTV X1120 cab heater with defrost by Inferno Cab Heater is strictly for this make and model. Every piece is custom according to this machine's set-up. On the other hand, the universal kit by Aqua-Hot will fit nearly any make and model. Moreover, all of these systems are water-based, so they won't bog the battery down.

Why spend the cash if you're unable to tackle chores in the winter months? Friends, you don't have to with Side By Side Stuff around. We've got all the Kubota RTV X900 and X1120 parts and accessories you need to get stuff done without being stuck in the elements. So call today and find out how to outfit your bike with quality UTV cab enclosures and heaters.