Mid Size Polaris Ranger Cab Enclosures

The winter months are fast approaching. Be ready for the cold temperatures and be secure in your buggy with the Mid Size Polaris Ranger 570, ETX, and EV Cab Enclosures and Heaters. Side by Side Stuff has tons of these UTV accessories for your rig. With reliable top brands such as GCL, Falcon Ridge, Firestorm, and Moose, you can ride assured that you will be protected from the blustery winds and frigid temperatures this winter season.

These off-road attachments are highly durable with a marine-grade textile construction. As a result, the sxs enclosures are waterproof, abrasion, puncture, and tear-resistant. In addition, these units are non-restrictive Polaris soft enclosures, so installation is not invasive. As a matter of fact, they simply wrap around the roll bars using included straps and heavy-duty Velcro. Additionally, these UTV enclosures come in different combo sets.

We also offer universal and model-specific Mid Size Ranger ETX heater to give you even more added comfort. What's better than being able to play in the snow and stay warm while doing it! Additionally, our Polaris parts and accessories are perfect for riders who love to ride all year round. Plus, these Inferno and Aqua-Hot cab heaters are water-based units that won't bog your buggy's battery down.

An offroad enclosure and heater will only keep you so warm. So, check out the Ranger seat warmers by Heat Demon and take that extra step to feel the heat from head to toe. Side By Side Stuff is here to help with any questions you may have when outfitting your rig for the winter months. Take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING and SHARED SHIPPING PROGRAMS on items over $99. Now you can say, "Bring on the cold."