Beast Series Padlock with 6 Foot Chain

OnGuard Beast Series Padlock w| 6 Foot Chain
Item # TR-187015
Brand: OnGuard
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Ride security is becoming a big issue these days and for good reason. You spent countless dollars just to get your machine home. Just imagine for a moment the feeling of losing your ride and never seeing it again. That feeling that you just had a taste of is exactly why here at Side By Side Stuff we are proud to offer these OnGuard Beast pad locks with a 6-foot chain.

OnGuard means business when you are securing your machine somewhere. The chain that they supply is an impressive 12mm hex link chain that has been induction treated twice and finished off with titanium reinforcements for an impressive resistance to the average and even professional thief’s tools of the trade. Moving from the chain to the Beast padlock, the lock itself features the same strength that the chain does with a reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder to further protect the lock from those with sticky hands. To protect the finish, the lock also features rubber end caps and vinyl coatings.

  • Beast padlock
  • 6 foot chain
  • Massive 12 mm hex link steel chain with titanium reinforcements are almost impossible to cut or break
  • Locks also feature rubber end caps and vinyl coatings to protect finishes
  • Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder for additional security
  • Water and heat-resistant chain embroidered cover prevents scratching and allows compact coiling
  • Rotating dust cover protects cylinder

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