Mastiff Disc Lock with 6 Foot Chain

OnGuard Mastiff Series Disc Lock w| 6 Foot Chain
Item # TR-187038
Brand: OnGuard
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With the amount of time and money you invest in your John Deere Gator, Polaris Ranger, Can Am Maverick, or other side by side you want to make sure that your prized possession is safe from practically everything; theft being one of those things. A simple way to protect your machine is to invest in a quality product that you know will get the job done. At Side By Side Stuff you can find that perfect aftermarket accessory: the OnGuard Mastiff Series Disc Lock with 6 Foot Chain. OnGuard produces top of the line chains and locks to keep your valuables right where they belong.

Durable and everlasting, this 10-mm hex link steel chain is 6 feet long with square bar links that are titanium reinforced, making it extremely difficult to cut through. This heavy duty chain can even resist attacks from saws and cutters! Included with this accessory is an embroidered chain cover that is water and heat resistant and even prevents scratching! The 14-mm disc lock that comes along with this chain, is covered in a vinyl-coating and has rubber coated end caps for maximum protection. There are many security systems out there, but none compare to the OnGuard Mastiff Series Disc Lock with 6 Foot Chain, so purchase yours today!

  • 14 mm disc lock
  • 6 foot chain
  • 10 mm hex link steel chain and square bar links are titanium reinforced to resist attacks from saws and cutters
  • Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder for additional security
  • Locks have vinyl-coated, large-diameter, ultra-hardened steel shackles and rubber-coated end caps
  • Water and heat-resistant embroidered chain cover prevents scratching and allows compact coiling

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