Mastiff Integrated Lock & 6 Foot Chain

OnGuard Mastiff Series Integrated Lock w| 6 Foot Square-Link Chain
Item # TR-187039
Brand: OnGuard
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Think about all the money youíve spent or are going to spend on your side by side or quad. Chances are itís quite a bit of money and if someone were to take your machine from you not only would you be sick, but you might not be able to get it replaced. So, doesnít it make sense to protect your machine from unwanted thievery? Thatís why we carry the On-Guard Mastiff Series Lock System with a 6 Foot integrated chain.

The chainís heat treated, and titanium coated finish makes it all but unbreakable to conventional methods. OnGuard, didnít stop there either they went one step further with a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar cylinder to protect the lock itself. The locks are equipped with vinyl-coated, large-diameter, ultra-hardened steel shackles and rubber-coated end caps to ensure even more protection. Unless your thief is a master lock picker or has some serious equipment with him you can rest easy knowing your machine is protected from unwanted thievery.

  • Integrated lock
  • 6 foot chain
  • 10 mm hex link steel chain and square bar links are titanium reinforced to resist attacks from saws and cutters
  • Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder for additional security
  • Locks have vinyl-coated, large-diameter, ultra-hardened steel shackles and rubber-coated end caps
  • Water and heat-resistant embroidered chain cover prevents scratching and allows compact coiling

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