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Polaris Ranger Cab Enclosures

What's only thing better running around in the sunshine? It is having your way when a downpour gives you mud holes to play in. However, on the flip side, what about when there is work that needs doing. In either case, you want to stay warm and comfortable while you're doing it. Whether working around the farm or going to your favorite hunting spot, there's no reason to be out in the cold. Especially with Polaris Ranger Cab Enclosures and Heaters available.

Our cache of side-by-side enclosures has industry-leading branding, and the proof is in the construction. For example, the Falcon Ridge full cab enclosure with a polycarbonate windshield is hand-crafted from marine-grade textiles. On the other hand, it doesn't get much more durable and reliable than a Ranger XP 1000 full hard cab enclosure by Hardcabs, DFK. Those suckers are tank tough, just like the soft enclosures!

Side By Side Stuff also has a stellar selection of UTV cab heaters to include in your "winter ride" upgrades. Again, these units are super durable, formed with materials tolerant to the aggressive off-road lifestyle. Here you will find water-based Polaris heaters from brands like Moose, Aqua-Hot, and Inferno.

The bottom line is, installing one of our durable full UTV cab enclosures with doors keeps that chill off while enjoying the great outdoors. Just close your eyes and imagine this, it's zero outside, and you need to go on your rig. Now imagine a full offroad cab enclosure with maybe a Lexan windshield? Haha...Yeah, that changes the picture a little, doesn't it?

With our selection of Ranger soft cab enclosures heaters, you are sure to find the right fit for your ride. In addition, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all our Polaris cab enclosures and heaters, just one more reason to shop at Side By Side Stuff!