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Seats and restraints for Polaris RZR 170

Arming up your rig with an arsenal of aftermarket parts and accessories is almost as exciting as the ride itself. Along with performance upgrades, comes comfort and safety, which truly provide the best UTV experience. One way to decrease body aches due to impact while increasing confinement, is purchasing some Polaris RZR 170 seats and harnesses.

Aftermarket seats are significantly higher quality than your factory components. They are customizable, offer an increase in confinement while ranging in size for riders of all builds. Along with integrating safer seating, an RZR 170 harness is another vital aftermarket accessory in ensuring the necessary restraint during rugged rides!

The safety and comfort of you and passengers rank number one; however, we know how important performance and aesthetics are! Side By Side Stuff can meet your UTV demands with our other RZR 170 parts and accessories, like LED light bars!

A harness bar is required to install safety harnesses in the Polaris RZR 170.