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Polaris RZR PRO R 4 Street Legal Parts

There are many ways to customize your bike to optimize performance for your ride style. For example, suppose you are hell-bent on getting the rig road-ready. In that case, Side By Side Stuff has an entire category dedicated to RZR PRO R 4 Street Legal and D.O.T. Approval Stuff. Our selection is full of industry-leading brands that Powersports enthusiasts can't get enough of.

Before getting started on your street-legal adventure, contact the local DMV for your county's check-off list. Then get your clicker ready to purchase the side-by-side parts and accessories that get you on your way. One unit on the list is UTV D.O.T. tires. Unlike off-road tires, these have unique tread designs that won't tear up pavement and can handle speed.

In addition to tires, several other RZR PRO R 4 accessories may be on the list. For instance, a Polaris fire extinguisher mount, a street legal light kit, or even the LED license plate frame. Most of these units are on that check-off list as all are for safety and visibility. As a matter of fact, we would stake a weekend ride adventure on sxs mirrors on some of those lists. These kits allow clarity in blind spots, much like an automobile.

Are you ready to take your ride on a new adventure on-road? It's easy and convenient with Side By Side Stuff around. We've separated the products into specific category pages, so you don't have to dig for what you want. No problem if you're still not finding the RZR PRO R 4 parts and accessories you need. Call one of our qualified staff, and we'll find it for you!