RZR XP Turbo S Seats and Harnesses

While out pounding ground, you may find your offroad experience is less than comfortable. Unfortunately, along with the rugged terrain comes body impact pain and fatigue. Luckily, Side By Side Stuff has a solution with our collection of XP Turbo S seats and harnesses, from all the hottest brands on the market.

Integrating aftermarket seats and harnesses to your buggy is important; not only will you be at their mercy while on your journey, but they also pose as a cosmetic enhancement. Most of the RZR XP Turbo S seats featured on Side By Side Stuff include customization options, as well as support features to decrease body aches due to impact. Along with an RZR seat, you'll probably want to add some extra restraint by purchasing an aftermarket harness. Just like the SxS seats, the Polaris harnesses come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes!

Side By Side Stuff encourages our UTV crusaders to stay safe out there! With the large assortment of well-crafted RZR XP Turbo S seats and harnesses available, you’re bound to find what’s just right for your rig.