Quad Boss QBT673 6-Ply Mud Tire - 14 and 15 Inch

Mud Tires for UTVs

Quad Boss QBT673 6-Ply Mud Tire - 14 and 15 Inch
Quad Boss QBT673 6-Ply Mud Tire - 14 and 15 Inch
Item # SBSS-9936
Brand: Quad Boss
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Product Description

Beef. That is the name of the game when you're sporting an offroad vehicle. You bring the beef by decking out your rig with quality aftermarket parts and accessories to meet your offroad demands. Are you a send it kind of rider? The type that stares down the barrel of a loaded mud pit, knowing dang good and well there's a chance this game of Russian Roulette could be a bust. In that case, you would do well to get yourself outfitted with a set of QBT673 6-Ply Mud Tire by Quad Boss.

Quad Boss is proud of this bad boy. The UTV mud tire is questionably the most aggressive compound in their line-up. With quality carcass design elements paired with the tapered and directional tread patterns, you can take traction-action to the bank, even while shredding through the tough-stuff. A 1.75 lug depth raises the bar even further, especially when you factor in the whopping 1,200-pound loading rating these SxS mud tires are sporting. They are self-cleaning, provide rim guard protection, and will give you traction-power like you've never experienced, so you can send it like you shouldn't, with no inhibitions.

  • Most aggressive mud tire in the QuadBoss line of tires
  • 6-Ply rated
  • Load capacity of 1,200 lbs
  • Built-in rim guard to protect wheels from dents and dings
  • Tapered tread for self-cleaning in soft conditions
  • Directional tread for optimal traction
  • 1.75" tread depth

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