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Textron Prowler Performance Products

You depend on the abilities your Textron brings to your country tasks whether it's towing, hauling, or tanking through timber to take a hunting break. Swapping your OEM components with Prowler engine performance parts will drastically increase the capabilities of your machine.

Side By Side Stuff takes pride in our ability to offer our blue-collar UTV crusaders with quality engine parts to assist them in their backbreaking chores. Itís all about power when working a farm because fences need mending, cattle need to be fed, and fields need tending! The integration of high-performance parts allows you to get those grueling tasks done without bogging your buggy down, ultimately saving you a heap in blown motor parts and a tired Prowler!

Donít settle for less when Side By Side Stuff is here to assist you in bringing your Prowler experience to a whole new level. If youíre not finding what youíre looking for give us a call! Weíre glad to help!