Trail Control - Shifters

Your Polaris RZR is a powerful machine, but narrow, dense trails and tight turns can trip up any side by side rider. These tight spots often require you to shift between reverse and low and back and again over and over again, but with Polaris RZR accessories like these gated speed shifter by Trail Control you can make the ride easier.

On one side of the shifter, you will have the normal gears and shifting that you are used to, but shift to the right and you will have low, reverse, and neutral only, making it much easier to navigate without the risk of accidentally putting your ride in park while trying to get up a hill. These UTV accessories will massively increase the handling capabilities of your Polaris RZR.

For increased power, handling capabilities, utility, and aesthetics, look no further than UTV parts and accessories from Shop our full selection today and start building the side by side of your dreams.

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