Trinity Sand Storm Drive Belt - 2020 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX

Trinity Sand Storm Drive Belt - 2020 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX
Item # SBSS-1142-0769
Brand: Trinity Racing
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Product Description

Applicability: 2020 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX

There are creepers, then there's you. Is there even a casual cruising bone in your body? If you answered no, it's time to beef up your buggy to keep up with your ride. One of the most cost hungry parts on the planet is a UTV drive belt. Though it's one of the most vital components on your machine, it is easily shredded to nothing. To minimize belt failures and improve your handling, get outfitted with something like the Trinity Sand Storm Drive Belt for a Wildcat XX.

This belt is designed for you dune dancers who hit the sand with pure intensity. It's for the aggressive, not the faint of heart. Trinity pulled out the stops to enhance this belt with features that are fitting to the way you ride. They've used cutting-edge technology to form the belt with some of the most stable compounds on the planet, including DMAX and BDC top cog compounds. The tolerance to high-temperatures is uncanny. Not to mention shifting is smoother, and there's improved throttle response. If you want to maximize your dune dancing adventures, gear up with the Arctic Cat drive belt today.

  • Stronger and more heat resistant than Trinity's Extreme drive belts, these are perfect for desert riding or aggressive drivers.
  • Superior to OEM, S and E compound quality, higher tensile strength cord construction, and DUMAX™ / BDC™ top cog compound to retain cord rigidity and better adhesion of top cog to cord construction.
  • High-temperature, heat-resistant polymer DUMAX™ with directionally-oriented fibers under the base cord construction.
  • Will handle the power heat/friction for maximum power transfer through clutches.
  • Engineered to keep maximum under-cord stiffness across the belt while giving stable cord construction base and allowing the belt to flex for efficiency and cool running temperatures.
  • Helps retain cord line position — won’t expand or bulge out under top cog under squeeze pressure.
  • Carbon fiber with DUMAX™ high-temperature compound.
  • Next generation cog design with DUMAX™ compound for above-cord strength, flexibility, and heat resistance. This is a must for today’s high-horsepower/high-torque motor/clutch applications.
  • 1 Year Warranty (only valid if used with Trinity Racing clutch kit)

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