Weld Off-Road Wheels

There are many ways to upgrade aesthetics and performance, but none like a rad set of rims. UTV wheels add the custom flair and grip performance necessary for these high-powered machines. Weld Off-Road Wheels knows the importance of these sets of kicks. Not just for performance but to ensure your roady peers or the competition get a taste of your car's aggressive demeanor before you put the pedal to the floor.

Weld Off-Road was birthed after Sprint racer Greg Weld decided what he was working with wasn't enough. So, by 1967 he took to spending time in his garage in Kansas City, where his determination to produce a high-performance wheel became a reality. That's right, Stuff Junkies, this cat created a powerhouse of an off-road and race wheel over 50 years ago! So, we'd say Weld Off-Road has it figured out.

These aftermarket rims are dripping with aftermarket grit from the aesthetics to the function. In addition, these side-by-side wheels have a lightweight beadlock construction that will keep the treads in place for superior grip. What's important about the beadlock feature is the gripping power. It's ideal for riders who crawl and need to let a little air out of the Powersports tires or for those who tank through bounty holes. Heck, even farmers would benefit from this design element. What's more, these sxs wheels look badass too.

That's right, Weld Off-Road didn't just come out with a well gripping, lightweight Powersports wheel. As a matter of fact, good luck finding spoke dynamics like these suckers are sporting. We can't get enough of the unique elements like honeycomb-inspired spokes, milled spokes, classic straight-lined spokes, and more. The UTV rims range from simple yet edgy to in your face aggressive. So, what kind of personality does your buggy have? These aftermarket wheels will amplify your car's character and then some.

Why settle for a mediocre ride with mediocre off-road accessories when you don't have to. Instead, put your trust in manufacturers who build their wheels with a "relentless pursuit of speed and strength." Shop quality UTV wheels by Weld Off-Road at Side By Side Stuff.