Yamaha Wolverine Cab Enclosures & Heaters

Warm up your ride quality Wolverine Cab Enclosures and Heaters from Side By Side Stuff. Our selection of UTV parts and accessories are industry-leading systems from top brands in the business. As a matter of fact, we are certain you won't find a more well-rounded cache sure to meet your off-road demands.

The side-by-side enclosures you'll find here range in brand, function, and construction. For example, suppose you have a front windshield and top only. In that case, GCL doors and rear windows are all you need. On the other hand, maybe you need the entire kit-n-kaboodle. For that, we've got a Falcon Ridge full cab enclosure with a windshield. One certain thing you can bet whichever option you choose, the Yamaha enclosure will be reliable and durable.

These UTV cab enclosures feature heavy-duty construction from high-grade textiles. In fact, most consist of marine-grade fabrics that are mildew, corrosion-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. Additionally, the vinyl windows have a high cold-crack rating. If these structures can't handle your ride, we don't know what can.

Once you have chosen a Yamaha enclosure that meets your demands, it's time to pick a Wolverine heating unit. Here, you will find several products with different feature options available. What's great is most of our UTV cab heaters are water-based systems. This means they won't bog your battery down as much as a standard electrical unit.

In this category, you will see there are multiple options available from various brands known in the industry. For instance, you may find an Ice Crusher Wolverine under the dash cab heater with defrost is what you've been looking for. It's specific to the make and model, so the fitment is precise. However, it could be you're more interested in a universal system. In that case, you can find both a Moose or an Aqua-Hot assembly here.

Why park your car for the winter if you don't have to? Instead, shop for Yamaha parts and accessories you need to get the ride experience you deserve. It's as easy and purchasing up Wolverine enclosures and heaters at SideBySideStuff.com.