Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4 1000 Cab Enclosures

Riding all year is about impossible when you're working with a factory bare buggy. In fact, these units have next to no protection from the elements, making the ride unbearable. However, if you invest in Wolverine RMAX4 1000 Cab Enclosures and Heaters, it's a comfortable ride regardless of the season.

Side By Side Stuff has a huge selection of aftermarket UTV parts and accessories, including Yamaha enclosures and heaters. One thing is certain, no matter which you purchase, you're getting the quality you deserve. Each unit is strictly designed to meet the demands of your make and model, so fitment is spot on.

A side-by-side cab enclosure comes with many benefits. For example, there is a reprieve from the elements keeping you dry and warm while riding during the winter. In addition, an RMAX4 1000 enclosure will preserve the inside of the cab. That's right! Mother Nature and Jack Frost will have to keep their mess outside.

Along with Yamaha enclosures, Side By Side Stuff has tons of UTV cab heaters that will keep you riding all year. These aftermarket accessories are generally water-based units that operate using the coolant system. What's great about this is the efficiency. In fact, this design element is less likely to bog your battery down while keeping you toasty during your adventure.

There are many options available for side-by-side cab heaters. For instance, suppose you want something specific to your make and model. In that case, a Firestorm compact heater may be what you are looking for. However, if you're looking for a kit that will work on just about any machine application, perhaps a universal cab heater from Aqua-Hot will do the trick.

With all the innovative Yamaha parts and accessories available, there's no reason to ever ride uncomfortably. As a matter of fact, we make it easy to build your buggy into whatever you need it to be. It's as easy as shopping Yamaha RMAX4 1000 cab enclosures and heaters at Side By Side Stuff.