Doors & Cages for Maverick & Maverick X3

If you rely on your Can Am Maverick to take you off the beaten path then you should consider some accessories to keep you safe when the road gets rough. It's important to ensure you and your passengers are safe when you're tearing up the terrain. That’s why Side By Side Stuff offers a variety of Can Am Maverick accessories designed to improve your ride.

Adding Maverick doors and cages is a great way to protect yourself, your passengers or your cargo from tree limbs or debris that may be kicked up from the trail. Side By Side Stuff offers unique Can Am doors like Blingstar ß New Link suicide doors that open in reverse for a custom look that still offers great passenger and cargo protection.

Speaking of cargo, a Blingstar roof rack can increase your cargo capacity, allowing you to carry even more tools, supplies or gear on your journeys. Simply bolt it onto the cage and you’re ready to go! Order your Can Am accessories today and receive FREE SHIPPING or SHARED SHIPPING on these must-haves.