CF Moto UForce and ZForce Skid Plates | Guards

The CF Moto is a great UTV for tearing up rough terrain and speeding down the trails. When you drive hard though, you want to make sure your UTV stays protected. Roots and rocks can end up leaving gashes in the bottom of your vehicle. Uneven and steep terrain can also cause damage to your UTV. Nothing disrupts a day of riding quite like an accident on the trail. Give your CF Moto UForce or CF Moto ZForce an extra layer of protection with skid plates.

Rival PowerSports makes a href="">aftermarket skid plates for various UCF Moto models. Get a Full Skid Plate Kit or a set of CV Boot and A-arm guards. By adding a barrier to the bottom of your vehicle, you can save yourself from needing to replace and repair UTV parts that are damaged while you ride. Rival PowerSports makes the skid kits easy to install and remove for cleaning. The skid guards are complete with drainage holes to prevent water from flooding your vehicle.

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