Parts for Polaris General 1000 UTVs

Polaris General 1000 UTV Parts and Accessories

How can UTV skid plates benefit your ride?

Polaris skid plates and guards are a must when you enjoy trail riding. There is no telling what may find its way under the machine causing extreme damage to vital parts like the differential, motor, drivetrain, and transmission. It only takes one rock to seal the fate, leaving you buggy sitting on the sidelines.

Side By Stuff has a protection package for every ride type. If extreme shredding is your bag, you'll want a full-body package from the underbelly full skids, nerf bars, a-arm guards, etc. In addition, a set of MudBusters fender flares will offer another layer of protection while reducing clean-up after a muddy ride.

Do you suffer from drive winds, bugs, and impact body aches?

Bugs, drive wind, and debris can be a fun killer with a quickness. However, investing in a General 1000 windshield or roof will increase protection for passengers from the environment and the weather. As a matter of fact, when paired with a UTV enclosure, these kits allow comfortable riding all year long.

What about visibility?

It isn't a secret that most have to do a yoga pose to check blind spots or move the bike in reverse. This can all be avoided with side-by-side mirrors. Our selection includes multiple Polaris breakaway side mirrors and rearview mirrors that allow drivers to check blind spots and hit reverse without craning their necks. We like to call that a win around here.

But what about utility gains?

Though many use their General 1000 for hitting the trails, several take advantage of the sheer work ethic that embodies this machine. We have a full setup of many UTV accessories that will add utility and function to the vehicle. For example, is there anyone on the planet who likes to shovel snow by hand? Put your rig to work with a Polaris snow plow system and do the deed from the comfort of your cab.

Top Snow Plow Brands:
  • Denali
  • Kolpin
  • Moose
  • Rival
  • KFI

Then some may have a honey-do list that seems impossible to conquer. With our selection of UTV attachments, you will find the right equipment to get flower beds and gardens planted with a quickness. Additionally, pick up the General 1000 utility trailer so you can haul what needs hauling while you're at it.

Are there other ways to add versatility and strength to the UTV?

Though these are the must-haves, the list doesn't end there. Side By Side Stuff's inventory also includes General 1000 lift kits, bumpers, axles, wheels, and other sidexside parts and accessories. The truth is, we're all different and have different ride demands. So, pick up the Polaris parts you need to do you, friend.

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