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Polaris General Accessories and Parts

Protect Your Polaris

Polaris General parts and accessories like skid plates and guards are a must when you enjoy trail riding. Keeping your ride safe is a Side By Side Stuff golden rule.

If you’re an extreme rider, you'll want a full-body package with underbelly full skids, nerf bars, a-arm guards, etc. In addition, a set of fender flares for your Polaris will offer another layer of protection while reducing clean-up after a muddy ride.

Get Better Traction for Your Ride

Polaris general 30-inch tires can be purchased individually or as a UTV wheel and tire package. Tire and wheel kits make it simple to install an instant upgrade to your bike.

Getting the Best Ride Comfort

Investing in a General 1000 windshield or roof will increase protection for passengers from the environment. When paired with a UTV enclosure from Falcon Ridge, these kits allow comfortable riding all year long.

Brands like Moose offer cab heaters that when paired with a cab enclosure—make for easier, more comfortable winters. With a simple, easy-to-follow installation process and easy controls, you can make your UTV as warm as you want it.

Avoiding Blind spots

Blind spots can be avoided with side-by-side mirrors. Our selection includes multiple Polaris General accessories, including breakaway side mirrors and rearview mirrors. Upgraded mirrors allow drivers to check blind spots and hit reverse without losing sight of what’s in front of them.

Boost performance, safety, and ride comfort all in one spot when you shop for Polaris General parts and accessories at Side by Side Stuff. With quality brands like High Lifter offering discounts and+ free shipping on many of their products—there’s a reason the best pick SBSS. Join the winning team today!
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