Honda Pioneer Cab Enclosures | Heaters

Don’t let any weather conditions keep you and your Honda Pioneer apart. Side By Side Stuff has the parts and accessories you’ll need to ride your Pioneer all year round, especially during the cold winter months!

Your Pioneer will measure up to the cold with a full hard cab enclosure to keep you safe from the elements. The Honda Pioneer enclosure is your solution to no longer taking a break from riding during the cold and snowy weather.

When you need more than just an enclosure for your cold weather activities, consider installing a UTV cab heater in your Honda Pioneer! The enclosure will only go so far in keeping you warm, so take the extra step and let a cab heater change the way you ride during the winter!

At Side By Side Stuff, we’re glad to help you with any questions that may come up about outfitting your side by side. For more information about Honda Pioneer enclosures and cold weather stuff, just give us a call.

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