Can-Am Maverick Street Legal | D.O.T. Approval Stuff

If you want to make the jump from off road riding to pounding the pavement, you’ll have to make some changes to your Can Am. Its easy to do with Maverick street legal and D.O.T. approval stuff. It requires a few add-on features for safety and D.O.T. compliance. While every state’s laws may be different, Side By Side Stuff has all the UTV parts and accessories you need to safely transition your Can-Am Maverick to on-road riding.

The best offroad accessories for a street legal UTV are those that can help you see and be seen. We’re talking about break-away side view mirrors, turn signals, and of course, a horn. These are the basic requirements needed for taking your Maverick X3, Maverick Trail or Maverick Sport onto a paved roadway. In addition to mirrors and signals, most states require you to install a license plate on your UTV. We offer a universal LED license plate bracket that will ensure your plate is seen even in the dark.

If you’re not sure what Can Am Maverick parts you need to get your side by side on the road, give us a call today. Our team of helpful UTV parts and accessories specialists will be glad to help you find all the D.O.T. approved parts you need for your Maverick X3, Maverick Trail or Maverick Sport!

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