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Can Am Defender Suspension and Lift Kits

Your Can-Am is designed to handle the roughest terrain, but you may run into obstacles that the base model buggy canít handle. Extreme terrain can cause your rig to get stuck or flip. To increase the performance of your Can Am, youíll need to add ground clearance Ė thatís where the Defender suspension and lift kits from Side By Side Stuff come in.

With an aftermarket suspension or lift kit you can instantly increase the handling capabilities of your vehicle, creating a smoother ride and enabling you to get out in tougher terrain than you could before. These arenít just any old suspension links either. They are branded by some of the most sought-after brands in the industry, like High Lifter and Super ATV. You get the clearance and handling you need and the aggressive look you want.

We stock the highest quality UTV parts and accessories for your Can-Am Defender so you enjoy your side by side to the fullest extent. Shop our wide selection of offroad accessories and parts and then get out there and enjoy off-roading in your newly customized side by side.