Honda Pioneer Parts and Accessories

One thing they say about these rigs—"they don't die." It couldn't be truer, especially if they are well maintained and sporting the latest Honda Pioneer parts and accessories. In addition, some kits offer protection, comfort, and aesthetic gains.
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Pioneer Parts for More Utility

Why not enhance the unit with Honda sxs accessories that increase all-season abilities? For example, investing in a snowplow allows the vehicle to push dirt and snow. So, work your way through the winter and the summer!


Each kit includes a blade, push tube, and model-specific mount. Additional honda pioneer side by side accessories and parts can be purchased to further enhance the performance of the system, like:
  • Plow markers
  • Drift cutter
  • Rubber flap
  • Hydtroturn
  • Box ends
  • Push tubes for lift kits

Get the Visibility You Need

One thing missing from most standard issue utility vehicles is UTV mirrors. Unfortunately, reversing or seeing what's coming requires a head position that isn't always effective. However, purchasing Honda SxS accessories for the Pioneer 1000 for example like a rearview or side mirror provides the necessary clarity.

Mirror Options

  • Falcon Ridge
  • Seizmik
  • Brite-Saber
  • Moose
  • Pro Armor
  • Axia Alloy

Pioneer Parts to Improve Your Clearance and Ride

Honda aftermarket parts like a lift kit can give you more clearance—keeping your undercarriage more protected and expanding where you can ride. Hit the trails and go further with a lift kit from High Lifter and get a limited lifetime warranty alongside free shipping for most kits.

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