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Polaris RZR Lift Kits

Have you encountered more than a few tough trails and obstacles that stop your stock machine in its tracks? Risking getting stuck or causing serious damage to your RZR is a real concern, but one that Side By Side Stuff can help you overcome with a quality lift kit.

Take on all the difficult terrain you encounter by upgrading your Polaris RZR’s suspension with a lift kit or portals. Browse our selection below to find exactly what you need to improve your RZR’s clearance, stability and handling.
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Lift your RZR

One of the best ways to make obstacles and rough trails a worry for the past is to add a lift kit to your Polaris. Even a few inches of lift will improve your clearance and stance, making most everyday obstructions a breeze to conquer. Side By Side Stuff has portal gear lifts and traditional lift kits ranging from just one inch of lift to a towering eight inches that will make every rock and mud hole fair game for your RZR. However high you want to lift your rig, Side By Side Stuff has the gear you need to do it right.