Polaris General 1000 Suspension and Lift Kits

Every Polaris has potential to do more and take you further than you’ve gone before. But to accomplish this and perform to its full potential, your ride might need the help of UTV aftermarket accessories like General 4 1000 suspension parts and lift kits.

We have the latest General 1000 accessories that your ride needs, no matter which model you have. We have the right offroad lift kits that are designed to work with your vehicle! When it comes to our side by side suspension parts, you can take your pick of Super ATV High Clearance Front A-Arms or Quad Boss ball joints.

Shop for General 1000 lift kits and other Polaris accessories from the top brands in the industry that you know and love. Find the side by side suspension parts you need and more when you browse our selection at SideBySideStuff.com!