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UTV & Side By Side Rider Apparel & Gear

Now that you've outfitted your ride with the latest and greatest off-road parts and accessories from Side By Side Stuff. It's time to take care of you and your passengers. Getting set up with the right UTV Rider Apparel and Gear gives you style and safety. As a result, we've come up with an entire category dedicated to clothing and safety gear.

You've likely added LED lights, custom seats and harnesses, and maybe even a killer sound system. However, you can't forget about helmets and dust suits. Side By Side Stuff carries a huge selection of rider apparel and gear to make sure you're covered, literally, whenever you go out for a ride.

We carry dust suits and UTV rider helmets from KLIM, as stated above. In addition, we have gear bags for hauling a change of clothes or personal items. These race-inspired motocross helmets will keep your dome piece intact while you're doing things you probably shouldn't be doing. Plus, we have stylish, edgy MX Force Magen Goggles to go with them.

Along with safety gear, we've got Side By Side Stuff t-shirts, as well as men's, women's, and youth waders from Gator Waders. These bad boys will keep you dry from all those pits, swamps, bogs, and mud holes. Additionally, there is a massive cache of Off-Road Vixens Clothing Co. casual wear. Any mud princess would love them. We're talking beanies, tanks, hoodies, and hats!

Side By Side Stuff makes sure your ride isn't the only thing decked out when you go out for a spin. If you're not sure what UTV parts and accessories you need for you or your ride, give our customer service team a call, and we'll point you in the right direction. Then, we'll help you get your own kicks purchased up so you can look the STUFF junkie part!
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