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Arctic Cat Havoc Harnesses and Seats

Ripping and riding-riding and ripping, the fun is endless, even if you’re doing chores. Along with the thrill comes the dire need for safety and confinement. See, these vehicles are lacking when it comes to restraints. Worry no more though, Side By Side Stuff has just what you need in our category of Havoc seats and harnesses.

Here’s the thing when it comes to these aftermarket accessories. Safety is a virtue, and you don’t want to look a hot mess. That’s why you’ll find we’ve chosen some of the best UTV harnesses the Powersports industry has to offer. You can go with two-inch-four-point or go buck wild with confidence with a three-inch-five-point option. And what about the color? Are you a spunky in your face, in need of bright shades, or is classic black more your bag? Either way, we’ve got the options to back up your Havoc buckle demands.

As stated above, safety comes first. So, buckle up buttercup and ride like you mean it when you’re restrained by quality Havoc harnesses from Side By Side Stuff.
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