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Honda Talon Tires

The off-road experience has become a lifestyle sought out by multiple walks of life. You have your hardworking country folk tackling chores with their utility vehicle, and then there are those rugged roadies who dedicate their weekends to pounding ground in beastly sport machines. Honda took control of the work force by providing blue collar workers the means to lighten their load with a side by side engineered with impeccable work capability. Now Honda has hooked adrenaline junkies up with the Talon 1000, the bad boy will break bad on any terrain anywhere! If youíre one of the lucky ones to own a Talon, you can upgrade your ride with some new Honda Talon Tires from Side by Side Stuff.

For a lot of people, merely owning a Talon 1000 isnít enough, they must add some beef to the buggy and Side By Side Stuff has the top brands of aftermarket accessories to do it. STI and Maxxis. UTV tires are a must if youíre an offroad outlaw who likes to get nitty gritty on the ground. You can keep it legal with some D.O.T. approved EFX MotoVators or get downright dirty with CST Sludge Hammer Radial Tires. We donít just stock one or two kinds of tires, there are plenty to choose from, whether you prefer a good rock crawl, dancing the dunes, or busting your UTV through the mud! Weíve got the tires for the job and some sweet wheels to go with them if you want to upgrade your ride with those too!

Providing your Talon 1000 with the right amount of grip or increased sidewall protection makes a world of difference in your performance. Isnít that what the roady scene is all about, the experience? If you are finding the task of this aftermarket upgrade overwhelming no worries, Side By Side Stuff is here to help! Simply give one of our knowledgeable representatives a call at 816-616-9946 and weíll help you pick out the perfect aftermarket tires to maximize your offroad performance for one heck of an all-terrain experience!
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