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28-10-14 High Lifter Outlaw Max 8 Ply Tire

28-10-14 High Lifter Outlaw Max 8 Ply Tire

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Item #: 001-2325HL
Brand: High Lifter
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Product Description

High Lifter Outlaw Max 28-10-14 8 Ply Tire is Your ATV/UTV's Ticket to Mudhole Dominance

Gear up, tailgatin' fanatics! If your ATV/UTV needs the off-road equivalent of a Heisman Trophy winner, then it's time for the High Lifter Outlaw Max 28-10-14 8 Ply Tire. This bad boy makes your machine a mud-slinging, obstacle-chomping powerhouse, ready for the championship of any mudhole you dare enter.

Features to Unleash Your Inner Beast Mode

  • Lugs That'll Make Linebackers Jealous: Deeper than a rival coach's playbook, these treads claw through mud that'd swallow lesser tires whole.
  • Self-Cleaning Blitz: Mud flies off this thing like a busted coverage. You stay in the game with insane traction.
  • Built Tougher Than a 300-Pound Lineman: Sticks, stones, angry beavers...this tire scoffs at punctures and keeps your ride chargin'.
  • Surprisingly Agile (For a Heavyweight): 8-ply construction offers a halfway decent ride on the way to those epic mud battles.
  • The Intimidation Factor: This tire gives your ride the kind of attitude that makes the other team wish they stayed home.

Installation (Easier Than Recruitin' a 5-Star Prospect)

  • Got basic tire-changing skills? You're ready for kickoff. Might need a buddy to help hoist this champ, though.

FAQs (For the Play-by-Play Analysis)

  • Can I Run These On the Highway? Well, you *could*, but it'll be rougher than a blitz on 3rd and long, and louder than the marching band at halftime and officially against the rules of the road.
  • Will These Win Me the Tailgater of the Year Award? Might not win you official awards, but you'll be the undisputed MVP of the mud pit!

Order Your High Lifter Outlaw Max Tires – It's Time to Make Your Rivals Cry "Uncle!"


  • Universal


  • 2.0-2.5 inch pre-grooved, dual stage tread lugs and beefy square shoulder
  • Aggressively siped and stepped center lug that will shed mud and stay clean
  • 10 inch tread width provides a 2 inch wider footprint for superior traction and flotation at a competitive weight
  • Super deep, notched shoulder lugs bite in the ruts
  • Overlapping tread at center and flexible 8-ply carcass for smooth transitional trail use

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CA Prop 65 Warning Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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