Can-Am Maverick Wheels and Tire Shop

Our selection of Can-Am Maverick wheels and tires is massive, ranging in all types of tread patterns and spoke designs. You can save time and money with a pre-mounted wheel and tire package and get free shipping. For the best inventory by top brands in the industry, Side By Side Stuff is #1.

Choose the Right Can-Am Wheels and Tires for Your Maverick:

Aftermarket UTV wheels differ in aesthetics, load rating, weight, and grip performance. Each has unique spoke dynamics, color, and overall look. Off-road rims are an excellent way to gain aesthetic gain. Some units have aggressive styling, while others are classic and casual.

Pros and Cons of Beadlock Wheels

Can-Am Maverick beadlock wheels can significantly boost handling performance or can be more than what you need. It boils down to how you ride and whether you are willing to do the added maintenance. For more extreme riding styles, a beadlock wheel is an ideal option.

Can-Am Maverick Tires for Your Ride Style

  • All-Terrain: Variable treads with shallow lugs on the driving surface and deep lugs on the sidewalls. Great for racing and trailing.
  • DOT-Approved: These tires generally have a radial construction with a large contact patch. Treads are shallow, much like car tires. Ideal for racing and hard-packed surfaces.
  • Mud: Treads are thick and deep, comparable to an ag-tire. They can paddle your Can-Am Maverick through deep mud pits and ruts.
  • Trail:Thicker lugs deeper than an all-terrain tire and further spaced apart, designed for extreme conditions on rock, roots, and desert terrains.
  • Sand / Snow: Front consists of spaced-out paddle-like treads, rear has vertically ribbed treads. These are for increased floatation.
  • Swamp: Dimpled reinforced lugs and directional treads allow for grip on marshy and swampy terrains.

No matter how you ride, Side by Side Stuff has you covered. Find top All-terrain tires from Falcon Ridge, or get a set of superior rock crawlers from High Lifter. No matter how you decide to enhance your ride, be sure you’re buying from the best, and getting the quality you deserve today.