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UTV Tires

Which is the best UTV tire for me?

The right tread design is everything when it comes to powersports. Different riding styles are enhanced by specific lug patterns that maximize ride quality. On the other hand, the wrong tread pattern can negatively impact your ride. Choosing the right tread blocks starts with considering your favorite terrain and what type of traction you need to get the desired experience.

Specialized UTV tires for mud or sand

If getting your kicks involves deep mud pits, getting ag-inspired treads will provide the right traction for digging through sticky conditions. However, if dancing the dunes is your favorite thrill, get side by side tires with paddle-like lugs that allow traction on desert rides. Some fan-favorite brands for mud and off-roading:
  • High Lifter
  • QuadBoss
  • Sedona
These SxS tires are great for slinging mud and getting out of tough spots but might not ride as well in other conditions. If you donít have a particular ground you want to tackle, check out some all-purpose, all-terrain tire options.

All-Terrain UTV tires

If youíre not sure what your next ride will bring, a quality set of all-terrain tires are the way to go. Take on mud, hard packed trail, slick conditions and more with a set of top-quality all-terrain sxs tires from trusted brands like:
  • EFX
  • ITP
  • System 3
  • Kenda
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