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35-10-20 ITP Versa Cross V3 8 Ply Radial Tire

35-10-20 ITP Versa Cross V3 8 Ply Radial Tire
35-10-20 ITP Versa Cross V3 8 Ply Radial Tire - alt image 0
35-10-20 ITP Versa Cross V3 8 Ply Radial Tire
35-10-20 ITP Versa Cross V3 8 Ply Radial Tire

35-10-20 ITP Versa Cross V3 8 Ply Radial Tire

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Brand: ITP
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Product Description

The 35-10-20 ITP Versa Cross V3 tire scoffs at slippery rocks and dares them to be tougher

If conquering slick rock trails makes your usual tires act like they're on ice skates, the ITP Versa Cross V3 wants to be your grip upgrade. This tire delivers serious traction on slick surfaces, letting you confidently tackle terrain that might make other riders turn tail and run.

Key Features:

  • Rock Crawler: Tread design excels on slick rock, loose dirt, mixed terrain, and even some mud for good measure.
  • Handles the Hard Stuff: Tough 8-ply radial construction resists punctures and takes a beating on unforgiving trails.
  • Surprisingly Versatile: While designed with slick rock in mind, it still plays nice on everyday trails too.
  • Special Grip Sauce: "Tough Tread" rubber compound formulated to resist cuts, chips, and maximize traction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it useless on anything but rock? Nope! The V3 surprises with its grip in various conditions.
  • Will it wear out quickly on harder surfaces? It balances impressive grip with a surprisingly good lifespan.

Why Choose the ITP Versa Cross V3:

  • Own the slick rock trails that make other riders hesitate and turn around.
  • Tackle challenging terrain with newfound confidence in your grip, even in less than ideal conditions.
  • Get a versatile tire that's ready for slick rock adventures and everyday trail fun.

Prepare to conquer new challenges and leave those slippery trails in your dust!


  • Universal


  • 8-ply radial construction
  • Reinforced belts provide increased traction and improved puncture resistance
  • Increased sidewall strength offers superior stability and puncture protection
  • Super-deep rim guard designed to protect the rim lip on styled aftermarket wheels
  • Tough tread rubber compound protects against cuts, chips, and tread wear
  • 3/4 inch lug depth with center lug channels
  • Shoulder lugs enhanced with contour changes and channel cuts to promote ease of steering on low profile sizes and increases traction in slick and rutted conditions
  • Additional channel cuts in tread face lugs increase biting edges and improve traction on slick rock and in wet, muddy conditions
  • Excellent for hard pack to intermediate terrain
  • Compliant with DOT test standards
  • Weight: 45.1lbs
  • Tread Depth: 24/32
  • Max PSI: 26

Important Info

  • Cannot ship outside the lower 48 states.

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