Polaris Ranger Wheels and Tires

For any type of riding, we have what you need for the best experience on your UTV. The best for all terrain, street, offroad and more are available from brands like Falcon Ridge, High Lifter and System 3 more are available with exceptional customer service.

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Most popular buys from Falcon Ridge:
  • 14 inch Polaris Ranger wheels and tires
  • 12 inch Polaris Ranger wheels

Polaris Ranger Tire Types and Uses

Hard Surfaces and Pavement: DOT tires are a must if you plan on traveling public roads, while an all-terrain tire will work on hard packed topography.
Mud and Water: Swampy and muddy areas require a more intense carcass than standard. Especially with extreme conditions.
Sand: They have two distinct tread patterns, one for the rear and one for the front. The front set consists of parallel ribs while the back has a deep paddle design.

Opting for Beadlock Polaris Ranger Wheels

Beadlock wheels are excellent for rock crawling, hauling, or mudding. They feature a ring bolted to the wheel, for more rigidity than a standard tire. This works well when you need to let some pressure out of the tires while making a climb.

Polaris Ranger Tires and Wheels That Enhance Appearance

Aftermarket rims and bigger tires are great for adding customized flair to your car. Each wheel consists of unique spoke patterns and color options that are flashy or more on the classic side.

Purchasing a Polaris Ranger Tire and Wheel Package

UTV tires and wheels can get costly. First, you must pay for the tires, then the wheels, shipping and handling, and finally, having them mounted. These are a customer favorite here at Side By Side Stuff and keep getting more and more popular. Buyers can skip a costly install and save on shipping. Get yours today and save time and money on your best UTV upgrade yet.