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Intimidator Windshields and Roofs

Are you tired of debris flying around and coming through the cab of your Intimidator? If thatís the case, check out the selection of side by side accessories designed for your Intimidator available from! Youíll find Intimidator windshields and roofs that are perfect for not only keeping out these pesky debris, but also shielding you from the weather.

We want to help you get the most out of your ride, whether itís the overall comfort of your ride, or your safety while the vehicle is in motion, weíve literally got you covered. Our selection of offroad accessories for your Intimidator offers parts from brands you know and love. Take for example, a tilting front windshield, complete with an optional power wiper from Bad Dawg. And when it comes to Intimidator roof parts, letís not forget the thermoplastic hard top. There are several accessories for you to choose from!

Shop the selection of UTV windshields and other side by side accessories at now. Youíll wonder how youíve made it this long without these sweet add-onís for your ride!
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