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Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXR Drivetrain

Bet you didnít know about the beast mode that comes along with this crossover Kawasaki. Think more power, better work ethic, and improved comfort. Where it could use a bit more grit is in the handling. To get the control, you need to have invested in Pro-FXR drivetrain, steering, and wheel spacer parts.

These are just any old UTV parts. In fact, these aftermarket offroad parts are formed from high-grade materials with advanced engineering. In laymanís terms, they have improved performance, longer lifespans, and increased durability. Imagine having a better SxS clutch kit that allows quick and efficient response with smoother transitions. What about having a more consistent steering capacity? With a Mule Pro-FXR, you can work hard all day then have the control to pound through timber terrain.

The possibilities are endless when you integrate bigger and better Kawasaki parts and accessories. Whether youíre after rigidity to your driveline with a UTV drive belt or need some additional protection with a Mule Pro-FXR windshield, Side By Side Stuff has you covered.