Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX Doors

Are you off hunting? Maybe you’re on a fishing expedition or, better yet, working the farm. In either case, you need to have protection from the elements and adequate confinement. What better way to do that when with a fresh set of Mule Pro-MX doors from Side By Side Stuff?

You will not find higher quality aftermarket doors than these right here. Whether you opt for a set from Falcon Ridge or the 3 Star soft doors have piqued your interest, you can take durability to the bank. We’re talking good old-fashioned hand-crafted and measured aftermarket accessories that consist of marine-grade fabrics and high-tenacity threads. It doesn’t get better than this, friends.

Now that we’ve established the perfect options for your UTV door upgrade consider wrapping that mean machine fully up for all year riding. It’s as easy as browsing Side By Side Stuff for a Mule Pro-MX cab enclosures, and hey, you may as well toss in a Kawasaki cab heater in there while you're at it.