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Polaris Brutus Mirrors

The Polaris Brutus mirrors will improve your visibility and add some style and polish to your vehicle. Itís important to view your surroundings from multiple angles, so you know whatís happening in front, behind and beside you.

These UTV mirrors have steel mounts, so they may be securely attached to your vehicle. Check out the Brutus options with universal side view and rear view mirrors. With every sharp turn, bump and incline, the mirror will remain on the side by side and help you know where to go next. When you are driving your Polaris Brutus, you want to be able to take on aggressive trails without worrying that flimsy mirrors will fall off or crack from the wear and tear. Sometimes the trail narrows, putting trees right by the edge of your vehicle. With Breakaway Mirrors, you get 360 degrees of spring tensioned rotation and 25 degrees of fine tilt adjustment.

Find the perfect mirror upgrade for your work or recreational vehicle at
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