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2014-17 Kymco UXV 700 Mossey Oak Camo 3 Star Zippered Full Doors

3 Star Camo Zippered Soft Full Doors - 2014-17 Kymco UXV 700

2014-17 Kymco UXV 700 Mossey Oak Camo 3 Star Zippered Full Doors

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Item #: 52-06065
Brand: 3 Star Industries
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Product Description

3 Star Camo Soft Doors for your Kymco UXV 700: Conquer the wild and stay comfy

Upgrade your Kymco UXV 700 with 3 Star Camo Soft Full Doors and take on those gnarly trails in comfort! Mud, rocks, and rogue branches won't stand a chance against these bad boys.

Features for the Adventurous Soul:

  • Camo for the Win: Blend in with Mossy Oak New Break-Up Camo and outsmart the toughest terrain.
  • Built Like a Beast: Marine-grade fabric laughs in the face of rain, mud, and the occasional angry squirrel defending its stash.
  • Climate Control at Your Fingertips: Zip-open windows for a cool breeze on hot rides or zip 'em closed when the weather turns nasty.
  • Install Faster Than You Can Pack a Lunch: Simple Velcro setup means less wrenching and more riding.
  • American Made Tough: Crafted with rugged determination right here in the USA.

Answers for the Fearless:

  • Can I tackle that muddy ravine without looking like a swamp monster? Absolutely! Keep yourself and your gear clean.
  • Will these survive a surprise hailstorm? You betcha! Think of them as armor for your UXV.

Why the Trail Needs You Out There:

  • Explore Without Limits: No weather or terrain will hold you back.
  • Laugh at the Elements: Stay warm, dry, and ready for anything.
  • Own the Trail: Because nothin' looks tougher than camo on an off-road machine.
  • Extend Your Riding Season: Conquer trails all year round.
  • Because Adventure Calls: And these doors help you answer.

Order your 3 Star Camo Soft Full Doors and unleash the full potential of your Kymco UXV 700!


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  • Modular construction, which means it can be added to existing 3 Star configurations at any time
  • 100% polyester that's professional marine grade fabric
  • Stay-true, long lasting Mossey Oak Break-Up color
  • Zippered Side Windows - Door windows zips on 2 sides, the front and top
  • Stabilized fit of less than 1% stretch or shrinkage
  • Water repellent, tear resistant, puncture resistant, UV and mildew resistant
  • YKK zippers made using state-of-the art techniques offer cross-wise strength that's unmatched in the industry
  • Windows are made from Aqua-View Smoked vinyl
  • High tenacity, heat resistant, continuous multifilament polyester yarns make up the marine sewing thread used throughout construction
  • U.S.A. made
  • Hand crafted and hand measured
  • Comes with everything needed for installation, including self-adhesive Velcro, care and installation instructions


Important Info

  • Cannot ship outside the lower 48 states.
  • Doors are sold as a pair, one left and one right.
  • Warranty may be voided if trailered or ridden at high speeds.

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