The Bazooka subwoofer speaker system will outperform those tiny portable speakers so many people grab as a last minute accessory for their time on the trails. These full-size soundbars use Bluetooth and Bass Tubes technology to provide listeners with an unparalleled audio experience. In 1983, Jon Jordan started Bazooka making home loudspeakers. The company is now part of Southern Audio Services and has been manufacturing speakers and accessories since 1985. Southern Audio Services includes brands such as SAS, Bazooka, Bass Tubes, Power Rail, Woodees and Yak-Power.

Find the perfect UTV soundbar that goes with your vehicle. Bazooka makes a 24 Inch Bluetooth Party Bar with 8 marine grade speakers, waterproof auxiliary input, 7 amps max current draw and customizable wireless remote. Go a step further with the 24 Inch Double Sided Bluetooth Party Bar, which includes 10 marine grade speakers, 2 durable cast aluminum legs to secure party bar, waterproof auxiliary input and output, end loaded woofers and front firing tweeters.

For even more luxury, get the 36 Inch Bluetooth Party Bar with 5.25 inch loaded woofers and front firing tweeters. All of these speakers have an illumination system with color flash patterns and speeds. Add on customizable options like roll bar clamps, AC/DC Power Supply Adaptor and waterproof inline switch.

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