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Design Engineering, Inc

Itís no secret that we rough riders like to bring the heat. Unfortunately, it can cause a ride to get really uncomfortable for both us and out buggy. Thanks to Design Engineering Inc and their mission to bring aftermarket heat control to the Powersports community, we can keep ripping hard without the decrease in ride quality.

Tired of driving in a cab with the heat and noise of your engine monopolizing your ride? When it comes to spending long hours navigating trails in the outdoors, the last thing you want is extra heat making the temperature in the cab unbearable. Heat shields are designed to block heat as well as reduce engine noise and vibration.

Design Engineering makes heats shields that can be easily installed on your UTV without making modifications. The Honda Pioneer 1000 Heat Shield lowers surface temperatures and includes shields for the rear foot well. The material is heat reflective. Design Engineering also makes a Rear Cargo Heat Shield Kit for the Polaris RZR 800. The Polaris Slingshot kit includes 11 pieces made to provide maximum insulation. Another option for heat protection is the Auxillary Fan Kit for the Honda Pioneer 1000. With a Marine grade fan, this kit draws down heat in the engine.
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