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EPI Competition Stall Clutch Kit - 2007 Suzuki King Quad 700

2007 Suzuki King Quad 700 EPI Competition Stall Clutch Kit

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Item #: 91-12798
Brand: EPI Performance Parts

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Product Description

Conquer those holler trails with an EPI Competition Stall Clutch Kit for your Suzuki King Quad 700

Y'all, those Appalachian trails ain't for the faint of heart - steep climbs, hidden rocks, mud holes deeper than your cousin's moonshine stash. If your trusty King Quad 700 is feelin' a bit sluggish, the EPI Competition Stall Clutch Kit is like a shot of adrenaline, hillbilly-style.

Features That'll Make You Holler "Yeehaw!"

  • Hill Climbin' Power That'd Make a Mountain Goat Jealous: This kit lets you rev higher for takeoffs that'll launch you outta those hollers like a squirrel with its tail on fire.
  • Mud Slingin' Torque Fit for a Moonshine Run: Blast through mud holes that'd swallow a tractor whole. Leave those flatlanders stuck and spittin'.
  • Built Tougher Than a Still With a Revenuers Raid: This clutch can handle the toughest mountain trails without breaking a sweat.
  • Installation Easier Than Fixin' a Flat: If you can handle a wrench and a cold beverage, you can do this. Might need some YouTube for extra guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • "Will this make my King Quad loud enough to scare off a bear?" Might just send 'em runnin' for the hills, or maybe they'll come lookin' for a dance partner.
  • "Can I still haul firewood outta the woods?" You betcha! Think of it as turbocharged haulin' for the modern moonshiner.
  • "Is this gonna get me in trouble with the law?" Well, that depends on how fast you go and how much attention you attract. We ain't responsible for any high-speed chases or victory hollers that rattle the windows down in town.

Key Benefits:

  • Own those Appalachian trails and leave the worryin' behind
  • Show those flatland tourists how we conquer the mountains
  • Escape the in-laws without leavin' a trace of dust
  • Discover hidden moonshine makin' spots... or maybe just a killer fishin' hole
  • Upgrade your King Quad without sellin' your truck

Bottom line: If you're ready to turn your Suzuki King Quad 700 into a trail-rippin' machine with a side of good ol' fashioned fun, the EPI Competition Stall Clutch Kit is your ticket to ride. Get yours and let the hollerin' begin!


  • 2007 Suzuki King Quad 700 4x4


  • Designed for any size tires at any elevation
  • Raises the engagement/stall of the clutches for a hard-hitting competeion style clutch
  • Great for mud racing, competition pulls, drag racing or aggressive trail riding Harder hole shot for off-the-line advantage
  • Doesn't effect top RPM or speed

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CA Prop 65 Warning Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and toluene, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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