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Textron Stampede Heaters

When you're hard at work, there are no time-outs, even if the weather is not permitting. Textron Stampede Cab Enclosures and Heaters are ideal for backbreaking country folks who need their rig all year round. So why wouldn't you want to get in on this purchase?

Side By Side Stuff features quality aftermarket UTV full enclosures and combo kits that will provide ample protection from the elements along with interior preservation. In other words, these off-road accessories keep rain, sleet, and snow at bay. Additionally, bitter temperatures will not keep you from doing what you do best. 

These Powersports soft enclosures have a marine-grade textile construction. 3 Star and Falcon Ridge hand-craft these side-by-side enclosures right down to the measurements. As a result, fitment is spot on, and the durability factor is second to none.

What's great is the package deals. Side By Side Stuff offers multiple Textron enclosure combos, so you only buy what you need. For example, suppose you already have a UTV front windshield. In that case, choose a kit with soft upper doors, rear window, and top. On the other hand, maybe you only need the Stampede doors.

Once you get your Stampede windshield, rear panel, and doors, a SxS heating system is up next. This addition will have you sitting cozy regardless of the weather! We've even got seat warmers. Additionally, these Textron heaters operate using the coolant assembly, so they won't bog your battery down. 

The bottom line, no one wants to stick their car in hibernation simply because of a weather change. There is always work to be done and trails to be driven on. Thus preparing your pride with Textron Stampede enclosure and heater.

With the grueling work you put your body through, you deserve a reprieve from those unrelenting winds and bitter cold! So outfit your Stampede with aftermarket UTV parts and accessories today and reap the full benefits your buggy has to offer!
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